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This is a spot for me to host my short posts and to own my content apart from social platforms. These posts will get mirrored to my Twitter account. Most of this is Andy Bell's code, but I tweaked colors, typography, and layout. Thanks, Andy!

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  • November 2, 10:00am EST

    Belated RIP to Sean Connery. My Twitter bio is a quote of his from Last Crusade. He was one of my dad's favorites so he was a massive part of my younger days from Bond to Highlander to Indy to Untouchables. Rest well, sir. Here endeth the lesson...

  • June 11, 5:22pm EDT

    Peeve: sharing screenshots of a notes app for long-form writing. Not accessible. Not searchable. With so many ways to publish text on the web these days, how did pictures of text become the default for so many people?

  • June 8, 10:18am EDT

    Started renaming "master" branches on my personal projects following this guide by @shanselman

    Super easy to do! 👍

  • June 1, 11:16am EDT

    I spent the weekend watching the unrest across the US and reading important thoughts from diverse voices. We white folks have lots of work to do.

    FWIW, I believe #BlackLivesMatter and if any of my followers has an issue with that (or wants to hedge/equivocate about it), it's probably best to unfollow. Love to the people in the streets doing the hard work.

    Back to listening.

  • April 8, 2:34pm EDT

    "And oh what a feeling when my soul went through the ceiling, and on up into heaven I did ride." -John Prine, gone too soon. #RIPJohnPrine